China is now a world leader in the production of budget android phones, and the ZTE Blade 6 is absolutely no exception. There is of course Android 5.0 Lollipop, a camera that stands up to most and also hardware that’s pumped up to 64-bit. We have a 1.7 GHz processor and the RAM in this beast is 2GB! For the price, considering the spec I have just mentioned, you are getting a phone that packs a punch, all without damaging your pocket too much.

It looks sleek, the silver plastic is nicely finished and you also have a 5-inch display that is very easily used with one hand. The speaker is not in the best placed, as it is on the back. It gets easily muffled and pales into comparison with phones with front facing speakers. The screens resolution is perhaps not enough for some high-res games, but we are talking about a budget phone, lets not forget.

The phone is responsive, fast and performs in that respect like a phone that would cost a lot more. In my eyes it is comparable to a Samsung S5 in this regard, a phone that is likely to cost you twice the price. You will probably not notice that this phone does not have a top-tier processor. You can multi-task with ease and apps open instantly all of the time. The swipe sensor is great and is a nicely placed added feature.


The camera has a few nice features but is not packed full like a more expensive phone. Dark light however results in poor photos, but again we’ll take that for the price. It’s a solid camera but nothing else. It does have a 5 mega-pixel front camera!


You also have an option for an external micro SD card, which is a great add-on from previous models!


Overall a great phone if you can’t afford something more expensive.