Now Xiaomi have released a phone with some power that sets it apart from other mid-range Chinese Android models. First off is the beastly 2.5GHz processor. This is then augmented with a whopping 3GB of RAM. With these specs you get a phone that is smooth and lag-free. This is the flagship model for Xiaomi and they have gone all out to prove that the Chinese can compete with the best.

There is the standard 5-inch display that we see on so many phones these days. Coupled with 1080p resolution you have a display that really looks the part. The phone is very easy to hold in one hand and feels and looks very rigid, yet smart, with their metal frame, which is the feature that sets apart the cheaper from the more expensive phones. It’s very easy to grip. It looks very good, a bit similar to other phones but it it’s very beautiful, so I don’t care! Ha-ha.


The phone’s power contributes to a very good gaming experience. There are some very good built-in games as well. The display gives you ultra-crisp images, and there was no cloggyness at all. I had the phone running lots of instances of apps and Internet pages and this baby handled it all superbly.

The camera is a very impressive feature. There is a 13 mega-pixel front camera with an 8 mega-pixel front camera, great for selfies!! There are plenty of features. The camera can possibly give you the odd photo with too much colour, but as with most phone camera’s; this is an issue for a lot of manufacturers! Burst-mode is very good on this phone, I must add that!

Downside to the phone is that you cannot increase the storage, so you have options for 16 and 64GB storage.

Overall this is a solid phone, one that should make other companies take note!