Hello everyone and welcome to my computers and electronics blog. I just finished looking through the latest electronics ads on http://www.for-sale.co.uk/ and found some really good deals on used gaming tablets there. As most of you know, I love mobile gaming. Just a couple month ago I posted about the best Android phones for mobiles gaming so today I thought I would sort of re-kindle that post and go over some of the best tablets for mobile gaming. Mobile gaming on tablets has went through some huge changes in the past couple of years, with tablets now able to play full versions of games that are available on the PC and some of them even have controller support. Here are two of my picks for the best gaming tablets you can buy.

tablet gaming

Ipad Mini

The Ipad mini gets a lot, and I mean a lot, of flack. The first reason is because, well it is an Ipad. The second reason is also painfully obvious, because it is mini. To me neither of those issues really bug me, the screen size is a little small to be playing AAA hit games like Call of Duty but for most indie games the screen size is perfect. If you have not yet tried the Ipad Mini, I suggest you look at the cheap Ipad Mini’s for sale on http://www.for-sale.co.uk/ipad-mini and try to get one of the cheaper ones. You will be pleasantly surprised with how well games run on it and how sharp everything looks on the ‘mini’ screen. If you really want to get into gaming you can even order a controller for your Ipad straight from Apple

Ipad Mini 4

Dell Venue

This was a really hard review for me to do. You see, 6 years ago I got a Dell laptop for Christmas and had to get it replaced by Dell within the first six months. Then it took so long to get out here that the warranty expired, and the ‘new machine’ they sent me broke in a week and they would not honor the warranty so I am still a little sour. The Dell Venue however, is like sweet, sweet nectar. This new tablet runs the latest Windows 10, and the tablet itself can be used either in tablet or laptop mode. They sell for really cheap too, I bought a used Dell Tablet off of http://www.for-sale.co.uk/dell-tablet that was so cheap, I paid less than 100 pounds.

Dell Venture Laptop/Tablet

Take your Pick

In my honest opinion, the Dell Venue and the Ipad Mini are two of the best gaming tablets out there and the two that will give you the absolute most out of you cash. Both tablets can be purchased used for under one hundred pounds and both have the guts to show you all of the top games in their full 1080p glory. If you guys found this to a helpful post and want to read more like it, then head on over to our main site where you can find articles such as my last post about the Ouya gaming console. Take it easy everyone.