So Apple

Hello again guys, good to be on here!!! I have just gone out and treated myself to the new IPhone 7 and I’m not going to lie so far this is the best phone I have had, let me tell you why. My previous phone the IPhone 5s was far too small for my hands and the keyboard was ridiculous and never going to work for me. Then constant charger problems I must have brought 1 a month since I owned the phone, might have to get onto apple for a little cash back…. But the new IPhone 7 has been designed to perfection, light weight, fits in my hands perfectly, the screen is outstanding and as a bonus the camera take spectacular photos. Also their security is top of the range like if your phone gets stolen you have the “Find my IPhone” app that locates the destination of the phone.

With this IPhone there is no jack plug for head phones but you do get a pair of wireless headphones with the phone. Finally we can’t forget about the new water proofing as well this is a massive bonus because I am known to be clumsy from time to time. But saying this it has also been said that when you buy apple products they are trapping you inside their little bubble so everything has to go through them. This is jailbreak-able but I wouldn’t recommend it due to the amount of IPhones that go wrong after + it cancels any warranty you have on the phone, so it’s best not to. But I understand why they do this, they are a company and need to make money to stay alive and invent the new age of technology that we all desire so greatly. 

IPhone 7