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A slightly different course to take this blog on today, but I wanted to share my new love affair with all of you.  Seeing as I currently live in Cambodia my kitchen is a little sparse.  I don’t have an oven, or microwave.  And I can’t tell you all the stuff I would do to have access to something which efficiently melts cheese.  When I first moved to Cambodia my new neighbour was moving out so left me all his old kitchen equipment.  Amongst this was a Rice Cooker, something I’d never really used before, grew up making stovetop rice and couldn’t really see why I would need something to make something I can otherwise make so easily.  After a few months of properly using my rice cooker I can tell you that I absolutely adore it, even my shitty little old nearly broken one.  I’m currently looking at updating it because it’s pretty out of date and have found some great deals available from a second hand website which sells bargains online; http://www.australia.for-sale.com/.  

rice cooker

Rice Cooker love.

When I first started using my rice cooker I could understand how it would be useful if I was cooking for a large quantity of people but just for me and my boyfriend?  However I quickly found that the amazing thing about using your rice cooker is that as long as you get the measurement quantities correct you simply switch it on and leave it alone.  It’s pretty much foolproof!

However my favourite part of the rice cooker is that there are in fact many many uses for them.  My current rice cooker only has two functions, cook and keep warm.  Other rice cookers have so many different functions.  Lots of rice cookers have 2 different settings to cook rice, the white rice setting and the brown rice setting and many have a porridge function.  However some unusual settings you can get on different rice cookers include steaming, slow cook, yoghurt making, saute or browning  and even a cake baking function.  But the best part is even if your rice cooker doesn’t have these functions you can probably still cook that something in it!  For the best rice cookers on the market check out these by Zojirushi.

rice cooker

Another great function that a lot of rice cookers come with is the time function.  Because Rice cookers have an automatic stop off function where they can’t overheat it is safe to programme your rice cooker and leave it during the day so that when you get home you have

perfectly cooked rice.   This works even if you’re not too sure about the exact time you will be home.  Simply programme it to be ready to the earliest time and it will automatically switch to the keep warm function so that the rice doesn’t overcook.


How to use your rice cooker?

So I’ve already touched on how easy a rice cooker is to use.  It is basically get ingredients, add to rice cooker, turn on and cook.  Easy as pie.   If you have a machine with plenty of settings and functions then it might require a little more of a thought process along the way, as in press THIS button rather than any! Although for the most part you can cook anything on the cook or regular cooking setting.  Its awesome to be able to put some rice on and run and play some more terraria!

rice cooker

What can you make in your rice cooker?

The world is your oyster.  Some of the more common things to cook in your rice cooker is to stick to the grain family.  Quinoa, Bulgur wheat, rice, sushi rice.  However you can sidestep to the bean family, to the oats family.  And you can even jump across to vegetables.  And if you’re not a vegetarian and you love meat then this baby can cook that as well.  From slow cooked beef, to a roast chicken, to our most recent trial item a lasagna.   Pretty much anything that can be cooked on a medium heat can be cooked in a rice cooker.  


My favourite Rice Cooker recipes.

There’s so many different rice cooker recipes out there.  My favourite way to find a recipe is to decide on a meal I’d like to create and do a quick search to see if anyone has ever done it.

Some of the our favourite recipes that we’ve found and made have been different breads and cakes.  We like to make Banana bread and Carrot cake although we have read some beautiful double chocolate cake recipes and a lovely looking christmas cake that we can’t wait to give a go at!

For savoury recipes we loved our recent foray into Lasagna, and can’t wait to try roasting a chicken next week for Christmas!


I hope this has persuaded you to invest in a rice cooker.  There such a great little machine and have so many different uses.  Please check out some of my previous posts, my favourite is http://www.android91.com/kindle-fire.