What’s going on everyone welcome back to my computer and electronics blog. I have been staying on top of all the announcements that came out of E3, and trying to follow up on them as much as possible. The most exciting thing to me is something said by Xbox Chief Phil Spencer, who stated that we may be getting support to play original Xbox games on the PC...at some point.

Microsoft appears to be very forward thinking with their announcements at E3 this year. They announced that original Xbox games will be able to be played in the Xbox One X, and even showed off a Duke Xbox controller re-design from accessory giant Hyperkin. Now it seems they have even more good news, that we might be able to play Halo and Fusion Frenzy on the PC in the future. There have not been any details on how much we can play the games, but reason stands that it will be similar to how it will be handled on the Xbox One X, meaning we can look forward to some great Halo CE live sessions. There were 1,045 games made during the lifespan of the Original Xbox, so adding playability to them all would be difficult but a great move for Microsoft to bring back those gamers lost during the XBONE saga.

Although Spencer stated that he didn’t know when it would happen, he not only said it would but said he actually believes it will happen.This is pretty big, as companies in the last couple of years have made many promises about games and consoles that have not come to fruition. Microsoft might be a little busy to bring us this feature this year, as they are gearing up for the Xbox One X launch and original Xbox backwards compatibility on that within a couple months.

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