Meizu have been slowly getting better and better with each new release. The MX4 Pro continues that trend. This is a phone that has specs that nearly match high-end phones, but comes with a price that is very affordable.


You have a Gorilla Glass 3, 5.5-inch display. This means the phone is very durable and tough, and can withstand s few knocks. This is good for me as I have a tendency to drop phones, so if you’re the same, get into the Gorilla Glass! There is the option of different internal storage, with 16, 32 and 64GB models.

Processor-wise we have a quad core 1.5GHz Samsung. This is then enhanced with a meaty 3GB of RAM. Multi-tasking could not be any smoother. I tested this out by running as many different instances of apps as I could, then calling, texting etc. The phone did not lag at all. We really are spoilt with the technologies now coming out on some phones!

With a camera boasting a whopping 20.7 mega-pixels (a Sony camera, in fact), the MX4 Pro stands up to anything on the market at the present time. I took a wide range of photos, in lots of different scenarios, and the phone passed every test. The weakest feature was the Panorama, I found it a little confusing to use, but hey, that could just be me! There are some particularly cool features on the camera. Once you get used to the layout and auto-focus then you have a very decent camera indeed. Video shooting is also very smooth; the sound of the phone is great too. Using the 20.7 mega-pixel camera, I found that my images were great on very large screens, something you tend not to find with cameras of 15 mega-pixel or less.

This flagship model is a great phone, and I am looking forward to what the company has to offer in the future.