The first thing you notice about this phone is the size. The screen is a full 6 inches! If that isn’t big and bold enough, it comes with TWO processors, and they’re both quad-core. One is 1.8GHz and the other is 1.3GHz. 2GB of RAM help push this phone along into ‘super’ territory (with the 16GB option, the 32BG option has 3GB of RAM). I love it. Let me tell you more…

With a phone this big and powerful you need a battery that is going to keep it awake. The Huawei Ascend Mate 7 has just that, with its 4000 mAh battery. It easily lasts a day, even under intense usage. A 13 mega-pixel camera, with 1080p recording, gives you a device that almost matches the super power of the proper high-end phones. China seems to know what it is doing all of a sudden! The camera is very smart. Lots of techy features and a performance to match. The phone was given a real test, and passed with flying colours. It was even fairly impressive in low light. Well-done Huawei!


With its two processors, you know you’re going to get a smooth ride. I just didn’t realise how smooth! There are some very cool built-in apps and they all open and close as smooth as some well-tempered chocolate. I reckon this phone might just taste as nice as well, it’s that good!


The downsides to this phone come in the fact that it is very large. You need shovels for hands to get around this phone comfortably. The speaker on this phone is also not great, it has a very tinny sound, even for a phone, and it is something that Huawei must improve on next time.


All in all though I think this phone is the best that the Chinese market has to offer. Good design, big display, reliable, proper battery life, good camera with a nifty fingerprint addition gives this phone the edge over its rivals!