Failure of the Ouya


Hey there everyone, welcome back to my blog, Android91. We try and talk about android products during every one of our posts on this computer and electronics blog, and today I dug something up that I somehow haven’t talked about yet. Does anyone remember the Ouya? It was an android based gaming console for home use on the television released in 2013. The Ouya was hyped up long before that however, enjoying top posts on social media sites like Reddit and Facebook. The console was originally pitched to gamers via Kickstarter and raised $8.5 million US dollars, which is the fifth largest sum ever raised on the website.

Despite the consoles high media presence and large online backing, sales were very lackluster. Ouya ended up being bought out buy the computer accesories company Razer and the product was discontinued in 2015 entirely.

What exactly was the issue with the Ouya? The idea of the console was grand, and the price point was quite low to allow as many purchases as possible. General reviews of the console suggested that the research and development stage was not long enough; and although the company valued customer input and continually updated thier product they couldn’t keep up with the expenses. Another big issue was that many large game developers opted out of developing games for the console, not wanting to waste the time or money required on a console selling for less than twice the cost of a new game.

Did anyone here actually buy a Ouya? I really want to hear from you if so. Leave me a comment below or even direct message me if you want to be secret about it (I don’t blame you!). Take care everyone, I will speak to you again soon!