Android Box

I just love the idea of the new Android boxes that you are seeing all over the internet these days. Instead of going out and getting a contract with all these big companies, and not really getting what you signed up for in the long run. With the constant loss of connection and the channels going offline constantly it starts to get really boring after a little while when you are paying so much money. So I started looking for a better option and I found one! The android boxes are the way forward with a total of a one off cost you can’t go wrong. All you need is WIFI which is in pretty much every home in the world these days, then all you have to do is download what interests you best.

Due to it being “Android” there are endless of possibility’s for these boxes, they don’t just let you watch any channel worldwide you can also play games get the weather, constant updates and the list goes on. You could say that you pretty much have a mobile phone/Computer on you TV it is simply awesome. Don’t get me wrong if you have bad WIFI then the boxes are not for you due to all the buffering etc., It is best you have a decent enough WIFI connection then the world is at your fingertips. I started to use one about a year ago and I will never go back to the monthly contract companies that can’t keep to their word or standards.    

Android projector