Android it Up!

Hey everyone, welcome back to my computer and electronics blog. Today’s post is inspired by all the athletes wearing a single brands clothing as it is something I do as well but with my electronics. You can probably tell by the name (Android91) that I am an Android fan so that is who I boast my support for. I have so many different pieces of technology with Android on them I might actually be becoming an Android. If something new comes out, I try and wait a month or two then look for it used on  at a considerably lower price. Here is part of my collection.

Android TV Box

I am part of the growing cord cutters crowd, and as of two months ago no longer have satellite or cable. Instead, I have an Android TV box that I bought for extremely cheap off of This thing has literally everything I want to watch on it. I can stream Netflix or any of the sporting programs I want. I can download or stream thousands upon thousands of movies at the touch of a button. Best of all there is no monthly fee.

 Android TV Box


Android Watch

Coincedently, I am also part of the group that likes to pretend we are in a spy or sci fi movie when reading the news. That’s why when I saw an ad online to buy a used Android Watch at jumped at it. Now whenever I head out of the house, I am not only looking like I stepped onto the train from a James Bond movie but it also looks like the movie was sponsored by Android. And because these watches run on custom Android software, you can customize you watch to your exact likings.


 Android Watch


Android Mobile Phone

Of course I have an Android mobile phone. I even mentioned getting a Android phone for gaming in one of my latest post. Android phones are built to last (longer than the competitors at least) and when they don’t are a lot easier to get fixed or even fix yourself. Phones with Android are also more custom tailored towards one area, meaning you can have a business phone or a gaming phone or a photography phone. The choices are endless (almost).

Android Tablets

Just like everything else, my tablet is Android. I used to use a Ipad but found the software too clunky and with too much bloatware. My Android tablet has no bloatware, everything installed was installed by me.This means that the high performance apps run smoother and the battery last longer as well. Plus all the third party support available makes an Android Tablet a no brainer for me.


 Android Tablet


Android Life

Who says we have to stop with electronics? I own several Android hoodies and t-shirts, and a mate even has a tattoo! If you love Android like I do, then leave a comment below and tell me what you favourite piece of Android technology is. Then, if you liked this piece please check this previous post on temperature affecting your smartphone battery. Enjoy!